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Bound Brook Memorial Library
(732) 356-0043
Web Page

Branch Manager: Cindy Mangel
Email: cmangel

Adult Programs:

Adult Services: Mary Nelson
Email: mnelson

Circulation Services: Maria Holguin
Email: mholguin

Teen Services: Beth Bouwman
Email: ebouwman

Youth Services: Margaret Draghi
Email: mdraghi
Bridgewater Library
(908) 526-4016
Web Page

Area Manager: Edward Hoag
Email: ehoag

Adult Services: Mun-Hwa Liu Chen
Email: mchen

Circulation Services: Susan Kane
Email: skane

Teen Services:
Katie Salerno
Email: ksalerno

Youth Services: Meredith Hoyer

Special Needs Outreach:
Lynn Mazur
Email: lmazur

Hillsborough Library
(908) 369-2200
Web Page

Area Manager: Karen Pifher
Email: kpifher

Adult Services: Cathy Briant
Email: cbriant

Circulation Services: Ziyan Wang
Email: zwang

Teen Services: Christine Jansen
Email: cjansen

Youth Services: Amy Atzert
Email: aatzert
Manville Public Library
(908) 722-9722
Web page

Branch Manager: Nan Peterson
Email: npeterso

Adult Services: Adam Petroski
Email: apetrosk

Adult/YA Services: Jodi Silverman
Email: jsilverman

Youth Services: Ruth Bielanski
Email: rbielans

Circulation Services: Rosemary Kim
Email: rkim
Mary Jacobs Memorial Library
(609) 924-7073
Web page

Branch Manager:
Rebecca Crawford
Email: rcrawfor

Adult Services: Zoe Vybiral Bauske
Email: zvybiralbauske

Children and Teen Services: Diane Valentine
Email: dvalenti

Circulation Services: Suzanne Ridzy
Email: sridzy
North Plainfield Library
(908) 755-7909
Web page

Branch Manager: Christal Blue
Email: cblue

Adult Services: Elizabete Pata
Email: epata

Circulation Services: Sharon Franklin
Email: sfrankli

Teen Services: Errol Logan
Email: elogan

Youth Services: Amy Behr
Email: abehr
Peapack/Gladstone Library
(908) 234-0598
Web page

Branch Manager: Melissa Banks
Email: mbanks

Adult Services: TBA

Circulation & Teen Services: Melissa John
Email: mjohn

Youth Services: Jenna Galley
Email: jgalley
Somerville Public Library
(908) 725-1336
Web page

Branch Manager: Doug Poswencyk
Email: dposwenc

Adult Services: Jim Sommerville
Email: jsommerv

Circulation Services: Jessica Buban
Email: jbuban

Teen Services: Elizabeth Palena
Email: epalena

Youth Services: Nancy Lepionka
Email: nlepionk
Warren Township Library
(908) 754-5554
Web page

Area Manager: Lauren Ryan
Email: lryan

Adult Services: Jennifer Konopacki
Email: jkonopac

Circulation Services: Kathy Amberg
Email: kamberg

Teen Services: Katie Bojanek
Email: kbojanek

Youth Services: Antonette D'Orazio
Email: adorazio
Watchung Library
(908) 561-0117
Web page

Branch Manager: Hannah Kerwin
Email: hkerwin

Circulation Services: Elaine Stringer
Email: estringe

Adult Services: Adam Volpe
Email: avolpe

Youth Services: Sharon Orlando
Email: sorlando
Branchburg Reading Station
(908) 369-5355
Washington Valley Reading Station
(732) 356-2363

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