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System Director:
Brian Auger
Email: bauger

Assistant Director:
W. Keith McCoy
908-526-4016, ext. 128
Email: kmccoy

Brian Morgan
908-526-4016, ext. 132
Email: bmorgan

Finance - Administrative Assistant:
Laura Sargent
908-526-4016 ext. 136
Email: lsargent

Human Resources Manager:
Deanna Gray
908-526-4016, ext. 133
Email: dgray

Human Resources Assistant:
Jackie Panila
908-526-4016, ext. 203
Email: jpanila

Administrative Assistant:
Charlene Perkins
908-526-4016 ext. 131
Email: cperkins

Public Relations:
Lisa Bogart
908-526-4016, ext. 188
Email: lbogart

System Automation Services:
Wendy Clarkson
908-526-4016 ext. 120
Email: clarkson

System Technical Services (Collection Support, Cataloging, Processing):
Adele Barree
908-526-4016 ext. 107
Email: abarree

Electronic Resources (Databases and eBook support, Web Developer):
Richard Loomis
908-526-4016 ext. 171
Email: rloomis

Electronic Resources Assistant:
Nasser Afzali
Email: nafzali

Coordinator of Volunteer Programs:
Lawrence Sapienza
908-369-2200 ext. 35
Email: sapienza



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