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Blood is Thicker


Blood is Thicker by Paul Langan and D.M. Blackwell.

Back at Bluford High, Hakeem had it all: cool friends and his girl, Darcy. Then he had to move to Detroit and live with his cousin, Savon. Now a new girl is testing his loyalty to Darcy and Savon seems to be leading a secret gangsta life. It’s a long way from Bluford High!
Also be sure to read more about the teens at Bluford High in this gripping series.



Born in Sin


Born in Sin
by Evelyn Coleman.

Keisha dreams of a better life beyond the projects. She is determined to become a champion swimmer and a medical doctor, until a guidance counselor’s prejudice throws all of her hopes into jeopardy.



Bucking the Sarge

Bucking the Sarge
by Christopher Paul Curtis.

All Luther wants to do is win the school science fair, find some action for the vintage condom in his wallet and do something honest with his life. All the Sarge (his rich, shrewd, landlord slum mom) wants him to do is anything but honest. When he joins forces with his friend Sparky, the Sarge is put in her rightful place.

Money Hungry




Money Hungry by Sharon G. Flake.

13-year-old Raspberry Hill used to live on the streets. Now things are better, but Raspberry can’t shake the fear that her family will hit rock bottom again. Damaged by her past, she hoards money…until it threatens to destroy her life.





by Walter Dean Myers.

Steve Harmon had hoped to grow up to be a filmmaker.  He never imagined that, at the age of sixteen, he would end up on trial for murder.  The film he is writing now may never get made.  It all depends on the jury.  Will they believe he was just a kid in the wrong place?  Or will they think he is a monster?





Payback by Paul Langan.

Tyray Hobbs is one of the most feared teens at Bluford High School. But he has his reasons. He also has an obsession. Revenge. Because if there is one thing a thug can never lose, it’s his reputation. Now he has to find a way to beat down the only kid whoever stood up to him…permanently. (sequel to The Bully)
Also be sure to read more about the teens at Bluford High in this gripping series.




Spellbound by Janet McDonald.

No one expects much from a high school dropout and teen mother like Raven.  She’s already blown her chance at a better life.  Then she gets the chance to compete in a spelling bee that could lead to college and a promising future.  Can she work hard enough to achieve her dream…even if spelling is her worst subject?



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