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Never Mind!: a Twin Novel



Never Mind! : a Twin Novel by Avi and Rachel Vail

Meg and Edward are twins but they have little in common. Meg wants to be part of the popular crowd, while Edward finds his place in an alternative school. The two worlds collide when Meg creates a brother who has a rock band and Edward steps up to the challenge.


Bucking the Sarge


Bucking the Sarge
by Christopher Paul Curtis

All Luther wants to do is win the school science fair, find some action for the vintage condom in his wallet and do something honest with his life. All the Sarge (his rich, shrewd, landlord slum mom) wants him to do is anything but honest. When he joins forces with his friend Sparky, the Sarge is put in her rightful place.


Son of the Mob



Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman

Seventeen-year old Vince Luca can hardly
believe it. His father is the head of a powerful crime organization. Could things get any worse? They can and do when Vince realizes that his
new girlfriend’s father is an FBI agent who is determined to bring Vince’s father down.


The Teacher's Funeral: a Comedy in Three Parts



The Teacher’s Funeral: a Comedy in Three Parts by Richard Peck

The year is 1904 and in rural Indiana, Russell is anxious to join a wheat thrashing crew and leave town. When the one room schoolhouse teacher dies it seems an answer to his prayers. Until someone steps up to fill the job – his very own sister.



Vampire High



Vampire High by Douglas Rees

Cody Elliot just wants to return to California. His plan to fail all his classes, even homeroom, at his new school doesn’t work. He is sent to a magnet school where all of his classmates are dark haired and very pale. What kind of school is this and
why does he have to be on the water polo team?



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