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(Shelved alphabetically by the author’s last name)

SometimesBaker, Keith. Sometimes.
An alligator feels different things from time to time, but they are all okay.

So Many HousesBass, Hester Thompson. So Many Houses.
Simple text and colorful pictures describe the many different kinds of houses in the world.

Mine’s the BestBonsall, Crosby. Mine’s the Best.
Two little boys meet at the beach, each sure that his balloon is better.

Brave MaryBrimner, Larry Dane. Brave Mary.
Everyone says Mary is brave, as she performs a number of tasks that require courage.

Dinosaurs DanceBrimner, Larry Dane. Dinosaurs Dance.
Though other animals may twirl and prance, there is nothing like a dinosaur dance.

I Like BugsBrown, Margaret Wise. I Like Bugs.
In brief rhyming text, lists all the types of insects the narrator likes.

I Like StarsBrown, Margaret Wise. I Like Stars.
A simple poem describing all kinds of stars that appear in the night sky.

Oh, Cats!Buck, Nola. Oh, Cats!
A child plays with three new cat friends.

Sid and SamBuck, Nola. Sid and Sam.
Sid sings a long song that drives Sam crazy.

BiscuitCapucilli, Alyssa. Biscuit.
A little yellow dog always wants one more thing before he'll go to bed. Many other Biscuit titles are available.

Wheels!Cobb, Annie. Wheels!
Train wheels. Plane wheels. Gear wheels. Rear wheels. What if there were NO wheels? How would people go?

How Many Fish?Cohen, Caron Lee. How Many Fish?
A school of fish and a group of children frolic in the bay.

Hot DogCoxe, Molly. Hot Dog.
A dog tries to find a way to cool off on a hot summer day on a farm.

Honey HelpsGodwin, Laura. Honey Helps.
Honey the cat is determined to help Happy the dog bury his bone, even though he does not want any help.

Dirty LarryHamsa, Bobbie. Dirty Larry.
Dirty Larry is never clean except when he is in the shower.

Ducks in MuckHaskins, Lori. Ducks in Muck.
Ducks escape from trucks that are stuck in the muck.

I See, You SawKarlin, Nurit. I See, You Saw.
Two cats take a stroll and find a seesaw, among other things.

The HatKeller, Holly. The Hat.
Simple text tells how Dan helps Pam find her lost hat. What I See. Illustrations and simple rhyming text describe what a child sees around the house and garden.