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Homework - Biography Websites

Click here to find encyclopedias, magazine and newspaper articles, and electronic reference books.

Biographical Dictionary

This dictionary includes information on more than 25, 000 men and women.

Biographies of Famous Contemporary People

(Academy of Achievement)

Biographies of well known people in the fields of science, sports, art, public service, and business - complete with photos!


More than 30,000 biographies from Infoplease.com.


A general database of biographies from A&E.

Internet Public Library - Kidspace - Biographies


Learn about famous and not so famous inventors.

Meet Amazing Americans

"Discover the inventors, politicians, performers, activists and other everyday people who made this country what it is today."

PBS Biographies

Biographies prepared by the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).

Schoolwork.Org’s Biographical Resources Page

Smithsonian: Inventors and Innovation

Search for books, movies, music & more

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