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In the Easy Reader Collection (Shelved alphabetically by the author’s last name)

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Hog and DogLandolf, Diane Wright. Hog and Dog.
Two friends learn that, while each of them is good at some games and bad at others, they can still have fun together.

Big Brown BearMcPhail, David. Big Brown Bear.
A big brown bear turns blue while painting when a little bear playing with her baseball bat accidentally knocks him off his ladder. Other good books by this author include: Rick is Sick and Jack and Rick.

Catch that Cat!Meister, Cari. Catch that Cat!
Labeled illustrations of a cat in various situations introduce basic words that are opposites, including "up" and "down," "open" and "shut," and "fast" and "slow."

Adventures of Otto seriesMilgrim, David. Adventures of Otto series
These are humorous stories about Otto the robot and his adventures with his friend Pip the mouse.

Come Here, Tiger! Moran, Alex. Come Here, Tiger!
A little girl encounters various animals before finding her cat.

Sleep-over MousePackard, Mary. Sleep-over Mouse.
Squeak is a little mouse who loves to sleep over at anyone's house.

Hop! Hop! Hop!Paul, Ann Whitford. Hop! Hop! Hop!
Little Rabbit follows Big Rabbit as he hops over puddles and rocks, until Little Rabbit discovers that things work better if he does it his own way.

The Ear BookPerkins, Al. The Ear Book.
What fun it is to hear popcorn popping, flutes tooting, hands clapping, and fingers snapping!

Joshua James Likes TrucksPetrie, Catherine. Joshua James Likes Trucks.
A little boy likes all kinds of trucks.

Tae Kwon Do!Pierce, Terry. Tae Kwon Do!
Easy-to-read, rhyming text describes a Tae kwon do class, at which children learn to kick, punch, and spin, as well as to cooperate and have fun.

Circle CityRau, Dana Meachen. Circle City.
A child points out all the circles she sees while out walking, from car and bus tires to coins and pizza.

Puppy Mudge seriesRylant, Cynthia. Puppy Mudge series.
A series of beginning readers about the unique relationship between Henry and his puppy. These books are the prequels to the well-known Henry and Mudge series by the same author.

The Foot Book

Seuss, Dr. The Foot Book.
Beginner's text describes all sorts of feet doing all sorts of things.

Eat your Peas, Louise!

Snow, Pegeen. Eat your Peas, Louise!
Louise is given all sorts of reasons for eating her peas.

Twins in the ParkWeiss, Ellen. Twins in the Park.
Simple rhyming text describe the fun a set of twins has while visiting a park including playing in the sand and on the seesaw. Other Twins books by this author are available.

Space Guys! Weston, Martha. Space Guys!
A boy is visited by beings that look like robots who arrive in a flying saucer from outer space.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and ToesWinston, Jeanie. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.
Children and animals act out the words to a familiar song that teaches about body parts.

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