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Books for the Youngest: Divorce | Books for ages 6 to 12 | Books for Parents


 Boundless Grace. Mary Hoffman, il. by Caroline Binch. 5-9

            In this sequel to the beloved Amazing Grace, Grace journeys to Africa to become reacquainted with her father and to meet his new family, which includes Grace’s stepmother, half sister, and half brother. 

The not-so-wicked stepmother. Lizi Boyd. Ages 3-8

            Hessie expects her new stepmother to be mean and horrible like stepmothers in the fairy tales she has read, but she is surprised and confused to discover that Molly is nice and fun.

Sam is my half brother. Lizi Boyd. Ages 3-8

            In this follow-up, Hessie’s father and stepmother have a baby, her half brother Sam.  When Hessie first comes to visit, she fears that Sam will get all the attention, but after a talk with her father, she begins to feel excited about being a big sister.  

Two’s company. Amanda Benjamin. Ages 3-8
            In this quirky tale, a little girl who is used to having her mother all to herself feels threatened by her mother’s remarriage and responds by announcing her own plans to marry the little lizard friend who lives under her pillow.

We’re growing together. Candice F. Ransom, il. by Virginia Wright-Frierson. Ages 4-8

            After her mother remarries, a little girl and her new stepfather build a garden together and discover that it will take time for them to learn to adjust to each other.

When I am a sister. Robin Ballard. Ages 3-8

            A father tells his daughter what will change and what will stay the same after he and his new wife have a baby.  Warm, kid-friendly drawings illustrate both the little girl’s fears of being left out and her father’s reassurance of her continued place in the family.

When we married Gary. Anna Grossnickle Hines. Ages 3-8
            A young girl who only remembers living with her mother and older sister describes what it is like to get a new Papa, whom she thinks of as a new piece in the puzzle of her family that fits just right.    


How do I feel about my stepfamily. Julie Johnson. Ages 4-8

           In colorful cartoons and photographs, kids describe how they cope with having stepbrothers, stepsisters, and stepparents and offer tips on dealing with change in your family.

Let’s talk about it: Stepfamilies. Fred Rogers. Ages 3-6

           This simply written book from the star of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood discusses the changes involved in becoming part of a stepfamily and ways to deal with the new situation.

Let’s talk about living in a blended family. Elizabeth Weitzman. Ages 4-8

           Introduces children to terms associated with blended families, or stepfamilies, and offers basic advice on how to deal with some of the challenges they may face, including coping with feelings and adjusting to new rules, a new home, stepparents, stepsiblings, and half siblings.


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