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Booklist: Death & Dying

Booklist: Divorce

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Books for the Youngest: Remarriage & Stepfamilies | Books for ages 6 to 12 | Books for Parents


As the crow flies. Elizabeth Winthrop, il. by Joan Sandin. Ages 4-8

A young boy describes the things he and his father do during their yearly visit. When it is time to say goodbye, his father reminds him that although the distance between them is “two thousand miles as the crow flies,” they are separated by only  “two seconds as the heart beats.”

At Daddy’s on Saturdays. Linda Walvood Girard, il. by Judith Friedman. Ages 4-8
Although her parents' divorce causes her to feel anger, worry, and sadness, Katie discovers that she can keep a loving relationship with her father even though he lives apart from her.

The days of summer. Eve Bunting, il. by William Low. Ages 4-8

            As summer ends and they get ready to go back to school, two young girls try to deal with the news that the grandparents they love are getting a divorce.

I don’t want to talk about it.  Jeanie Franz Ransom, il. by Kathryn Kunz Finney. Ages 4-8

           During a reluctant talk with her parents about their upcoming divorce, a young girl imagines herself as a variety of different animals as a way to help her cope with her feelings about the changes she faces.  Includes an afterward for parents.

Loon summer. Barbara Santucci, il. by Andrea Shine. Ages 4-8

           While spending the summer with her father, Rainie wishes her parents would stay together forever, just like the family of loons she sees on the lake.

On the day his daddy left. Eric J. Adams and Kathleen Adams, il. by Layne Johnson. Ages 5-8

            On the day his father moves out of the house, Danny's teacher, friends, and family reassure him that his parents' divorce is not his fault.

Two homes. Claire Masurel, il. by Kady MacDonald Denton. Ages 2-5

Alex enjoys having two of everything in the homes of his mother and father, who live apart but love him very much.


Dinosaurs Divorce: A guide for changing families. Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown. Ages 5-8
            This kid-friendly book from the creator of Arthur addresses many concerns children may have, including reasons for divorce, kids’ feelings about divorce, telling friends, financial changes, new living arrangements and visitation, celebrating holidays, when parent date, stepfamilies, and what kids can do to help things go more smoothly.

How do I feel about my parents' divorce.  Julia Cole. Ages 5-8

           In colorful cartoons and photographs, kids talk about what divorce is, why it happens, and how they deal with their own feelings about divorce in their families.

Let’s talk about it: Divorce. Fred Rogers. Ages 3-6

            This simply written book from the star of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood describes the changes children may experience when their parents divorce, offers healthy ways for children to deal with their feelings, and reassures children that they are loved.

Let’s talk about your parents’ divorce. Elizabeth Weitzman. Ages 4-8

Introduces children to terms associated with divorce and offers basic advice on how to deal with their parents' divorce, including coping with feelings and adjusting to new living arrangements.  

Talking about family breakup. Jillian Powell. Ages 3-8

            Explains in clear, simple language the emotional and practical problems that arise when parents break up, including what happens to the children, how life will change, and how it will be the same.

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