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Booklist: Death & Dying

Booklist: Divorce

Divorce, Remarriage & Stepfamilies
Books for Ages 6 to 12

Books for the Youngest: Divorce | Books for the Youngest: Remarriage & Stepfamilies | Books for Parents


Ginger Brown: Too many houses. Sharon Dennis Wyeth. Ages 6-8

When her parents divorce, six-year-old Ginger says good-bye to her old home and her kitten and goes to live for a while with each set of grandparents. Then each of her parents gets a new apartment, and Ginger learns to like having many houses with many people who love her.

Some frog! Eve Bunting. Ages 6-8

Billy is disappointed when his father doesn't show up to help him catch a frog for the frog-jumping competition at school, but the one he and his mother catch wins the championship, and Billy begins to accept his father's absence.


Amber Brown series. Paula Danziger. Ages 8-12

            This popular series follows the adventures of Amber as she deals with all of the changes in her life caused by her parents’ divorce, along with the challenges of being a fourth-grader.

Amelia’s family ties. Marissa Moss. Ages 8-11

            Everyone’s favorite journal-writer Amelia records her thoughts and feelings about flying solo to Chicago to meet the father she has not seen since she was an infant and his new family.

Blue sky, butterfly. Jean Van Leeuwen. Ages 10+

            In the weeks after her father leaves, eleven-year-old Twig finds her life in chaos as she struggles to keep up with household chores while her mother lives in a daze.  Twig wonders if they will ever be a real family again, until gradually they find a way to bring life back to normal.     

Coaster. Betsy Duffey. Ages 10+

While secretly building a roller coaster in the woods, twelve-year-old Hart tries to come to terms with his parents' divorce and his mother's new relationship with a television weatherman.

The comeback challenge. Matt Christopher. Ages 8-12

When his parents’ divorce escalates into a bitter custody battle, 12-year-old Mark is forced to live with his grandparents.  He seems to be coping well with the change, but one day he loses his temper on the soccer field, and his rage surprises even himself.

Dear Mr. Henshaw. Beverly Cleary. Ages 8-12 (book, cassette, CD, and video)

In letters to his favorite author, ten-year-old Leigh reveals his problems in coping with his parents' divorce, being the new boy in school, and finding his own place in the world.

I want answers and a parachute. P.J. Petersen. Ages 8-11

As Matt and Jason fly to San Francisco to visit their father and their new stepmother and stepsister, Matt warns his inquisitive little brother not to ask too many questions, or else their dad will be sorry they came.  Lively illustrations brighten this funny and easy-to-read story.

Jason and the losers. Gina Willner-Pardo. Ages 9-12.

            Fifth-grader Jason faces many changes when he goes to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin after his parent’s divorce.  As he worries about his mother’s finding a job and his father’s constant absence, he focuses his attention on sports and gradually learns to adjust to a new school, a new family, and some new attitudes about friendship.

Rope Burn. Jan Siebold. Ages 8-12

While working on a writing assignment at his new school, 11-year-old Richard adjusts to some of the changes in his life and learns how to express his feelings about his parents' divorce.

Stepsister from the Planet Weird. Francess Lantz. Ages 10+

 Twelve-year-old Megan knows there is something weird about the man her mother plans to marry and his seemingly perfect daughter, but it takes awhile for her to suspect that they are aliens.  Despite its out-of-this-world characters, this entertaining story depicts what it really feels like when another family joins yours.

The suitcase kid. Jacqueline Wilson. Ages 8-12

            Ten-year-old Andrea tries to deal with her parents’ divorce and living in two places with stepparents, stepsiblings, and a new half-sister.

The top-secret journal of Fiona Claire Jardin. Robin Cruise. Ages 9-12

           Eleven-year-old Fiona keeps a journal in which she records her fears, feelings, and gradual adjustment in the year after her parents get a divorce.


For better, for worse: A guide to surviving divorce for preteens and their families. Janet Bode and Stan Mack. Ages 10+

First-person accounts from young people ages 8-17 describe the effects of divorce and remarriage and how to handle them.  Includes a section for adults that addresses how to minimize both the short- and long-term impact of divorce.

Help! A girl’s guide to divorce and stepfamilies. Nancy Holyoke. Ages 8+

Answers letters written to American Girl magazine by girls dealing with various aspects of divorce, remarriage, and stepfamilies.  Includes tips, quizzes, and advice.

How it feels when parents divorce. Jill Krementz. Ages 8+

            Young people ages 7-16 describe their diverse experiences with divorce in their own words.

Talking about stepfamilies. Maxine B. Rosenberg. Ages 9+

Children and adults who have become part of stepfamilies reflect on their personal experiences in coping with new stepparents and stepsiblings.

Why are we getting a divorce? Peter Mayle and Arthur Robins. Ages 8-12

This cartoon-illustrated handbook addresses various topics of concern to kids, including reasons why people get married and divorced, what happens when a parent finds someone new, how to deal with blame, how living arrangements might change, and how divorce can make life better.


Always my dad. Sharon Dennis Wyeth. il. by Raul Colon. Ages 4-8

            This Reading Rainbow production presents the picture book story of a young girl who does not see her father often, but enjoys the time she and her brothers spend with him while visiting their grandparents' farm one summer.

Tender places. Original play by Jason Brown. Ages 8-12

When ten-year-old Eric is pulled in opposite directions by his feuding parents, he comes to understand the painful emotions brought on by their divorce and gains new insight into the nature of love and loss. 

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