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O’Connor, Jim.  The ghost in tent 19.  62 pages.  (Stepping Stone)
            A mysterious ghost leads the four boys of Tent 19 on the trail of buried pirate treasure.

 Orr, Wendy.  Ark in the park.  78 pages.  
            When her parents take her to visit a very special pet store in the park across from her apartment, both Sophie and Mr. and Mrs. Noah, the pet store owners, have their secret wishes fulfilled.

Park, Barbara.  Harvey and Rosie and Ralph.  62 pages.  (Speedsters)
            A magic spell turns Harvey’s dog, Rosie, into a girl just long enough to help his soccer team pull out of the slump.

Peters, Julie Anne.  The stinky sneakers contest.  57 pages.  (Springboard)
            Earl and Damian jeopardize their friendship when they compete in a contest to see who has the smelliest sneakers.

Pfeffer, Susan Beth.  Sara Kate superkid.  58 pages.  (Redfeather)
            Sara Kate is a normal eight year old until one day she discovers she has superpowers and can throw a basketball farther than anyone else on earth!

Pinkwater, Daniel.  The magic pretzel.  78 pages  (The Werewolf Club)
            Fourth grader Norman Gnormal, who behaves a lot like a dog, finds his true friends when the principal signs him up for the Werewolf Club at school.

Quackenbush, Robert.  Lost in the Amazon: a Miss Mallard mystery.  32 pages.
            When a brilliant scientist is abducted from a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Miss Mallard, the famous ducktective, embarks on a dangerous search that takes her deep into the Amazon.  One of a series of ducktective stories.

Regan, Dian Curtis.  The friendship of Milly and Tug.  61 pages.  (Redfeather)
            Milly, the cat, and her friend Tug, the mouse, challenge each other to a spelling contest, argue about who is a better actor, and have other adventures.

Regan, Dian Curtis.  The peppermint race.  74 pages.  (Redfeather)
            Tony hopes to win the first pick of the prizes in his school fundraiser but he discovers that selling candy is not as easy as he had thought, especially when another fourth grader also wants to win.

Rogers, Jean.  Raymond’s best summer.  80 pages.
            Raymond’s boring summer becomes exciting as he learns how to swim and helps the police catch a gang of thieves burglarizing the neighborhood.

Roop, Peter.  Ahyoka and the talking leaves.  60 pages.
            Ahyoka helps her father, Sequoyah, in his quest to create a system of writing for their people.  Based on a true story about real Native Americans.

Rylant, Cynthia.  In Aunt Lucy’s kitchen.  53 pages.  (Cobble Street Cousins)
            While staying with their aunt for a year, three nine year old cousins keep busy baking and selling cookies, putting on a poetry performance, and trying to encourage a romance between their aunt and one of their former customers.

 Sachs, Marilyn.  JoJo and Winnie: sister stories.  70 pages.
            JoJo suffers the trials of having a younger sister.

Saunders, Susan.  Tyrone goes to school.  62 pages.
            When a boy takes his dog to obedience school, he finds out something about his own learning ability.

Scheffler, Ursel.  The man with the black glove.  61 pages.
            Martin finds a wallet filled with money but no clue to the owner except for a dry cleaning ticket so he and his friend set out to find the owner, and in the process, help the police nab a real robber, the man with the black glove!

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.  Genghis Kahn: a dog star is born.  71 pages.  (Stepping Stone)
            Fred Shed and his parents accompany their dog Duz to Hollywood where his new career as a movie star is almost ended before it begins when Duz is kidnapped.

Spinelli, Jerry.  The bathwater gang.  59 pages.  (Springboard)
            Bertie’s all-girl gang becomes involved in a harmless, but heartfelt, war with an all-boy gang until Bertie’s grandmother finds a perfect solution.

Stanley, George Edward.  Snake Camp.  43 pages.  (Road to Reading, Mile 4)
            When Stevie Marsh leaves for his stay at Camp Viper, he thinks it is a camp to learn about “Viper” computer software!

Tashjian, Janet.  Marty Frye, private eye.  78 pages.  (Redfeather)
            Marty Frye, a seven year old who like to read poetry and talk in rhyme, solves three mysteries for a classmate, a toy store owner, and his younger sister.

Thomas, Jane Resh.  Scaredy dog.  44 pages.  (Hyperion Chapters)
            With patience and love, Erin helps the dog she has chosen from the Humane Society grow from a frightened puppy into a happy pet.

Van Laan, Nancy.  Moose tales.  48 pages.  
            Moose takes a walk, takes a nap under a tree that Beaver is gnawing and finally joins all his friends in making an almost perfect snow creature with antlers.

Weiss, Ellen.  The adventures of Ratman.  62 pages.  (Stepping Stone)
            With the help of a rat costume, Tod Watson is transformed from an ordinary eight year old into a superhero named Ratman.

Whelan, Gloria.  Next spring an oriole.  60 pages.  (Stepping Stone)
            In 1837, ten year old Libby and her parents journey by covered wagon to the Michigan frontier where they make themselves a new home near friendly Indians and other pioneers.

Wilder, Laura Ingalls.  Laura and Mr. Edwards.  73 pages.  (Little House Chapter Books)
            Adapted from the original Little House series in an easier reading format.  When Laura and her family move from Wisconsin to Kansas, they make friends with a helpful neighbor who comes to their aid later when they settle in the Dakota Territory.  You will find other titles about Laura and her family by Roger McBride and Maria Wilkes as well.

Willner-Pardo, Gina.  Spider Storch’s desperate deal.  69 pages.
            Third grader Spider Storch tries to keep his friends from finding out that he has to be the ring bearer at a wedding where the horrible Mary Grace Brennerman will be a flower girl.  One of six books about Spider.

Wright, Betty Ren.  The ghost of Popcorn Hill.  81 pages.
            Martin and Peter get a mischievous new dog and two lonely ghosts.

Wyeth, Sharon Dennis.  Ginger Brown: too many houses.  69 pages.  (Stepping Stone)
            When her parents get a divorce, six-year-old Ginger lives for a while with each set of grandparents and begins to understand her mixed background and her new family situation.

Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner.  Fossil fever.  43 pages.  (Road to Reading, Mile 4)
            Jeff must learn patience when he accompanies his uncle on an expedition to hunt for dinosaur fossils in the Sahara Desert.

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