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All of these books can be found in the JUVENILE FICTION section of our libraries.  They are arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name.  Some also can be located in the PAPERBACK shelves.  Ask a Librarian for help in locating the book you are looking for!  We all wish you many years of reading pleasure!


Adler, David.  Cam Jansen and the birthday mystery.  58 pages.  (Cam Jansen series)
When Cam’s grandparents are robbed on their way to her parents’ surprise birthday party, Cam uses her photographic memory to solve the mystery.  With over 30 books in the series, this girl detective keeps very busy!

Allard, Harry.  Bumps in the night.  48 pages.  (Yearling First Choice Chapter Book)
When he discovers his house is haunted, Dudley Stork enlists the help of his friends to find out what is causing the spooky noises.

Brisson, Pat.  Bertie’s picture day.  69 pages.
Bertie tries to get spiffy for his class picture but several disastrous events result in him looking “interesting” instead.  Another good book about Bertie is Hot fudge hero.

Brisson, Pat.  Little sister, big sister.  36 pages.
Hester and her younger sister play Queen and her maid, pretend to be mermaids, eat chocolate and experience thunderstorms.  There is even a recipe for Thunder Cookies!

Calmenson, Stephanie.  Rockin’ reptiles.  79 pages.  (Gator Girls series)
Because the new girl on the block has only one ticket for the most exciting concert ever, two best friends must decide which of them gets to go.

Caseley, Judith.  Jorah’s journal.  59 pages.
In her new journal, Jorah recalls her feelings about having to move, going to a new school, celebrating her birthday, learning the meaning of her name and finding a new friend.

Chall, Marsha Wilson.  Mattie.  46 pages.
Mattie’s adventures include selling her little brother, finding the perfect Valentines Day gift for an obnoxious classmate and cutting her brother’s hair!

Charbonnet, Gabrielle.  Snakes are nothing to sneeze at.  70 pages.
Although he’s not furry and her best friend thinks he’s yucky, Annabel loves her pet snake.

Choi, Sook Nyul.  The best older sister.  45 pages.  (Redfeather Book)
Sunhi is not very happy by the arrival of a baby brother, but with the help of her wise grandmother, she learns to appreciate her new role as big sister.

Christopher, Matt.  Man out at first.  60 pages.  (Springboard Book)
After a fast moving ball hits him, Turtleneck Jones loses his confidence on the baseball diamond and sees his position at first base given to another player.  This is just one of the many, many sports book written by Matt Christopher.  Look in both fiction and paperback sections to find his books!

Clarke, Judith.  Teddy B. Zoot.  58 pages.  (Redfeather Book)
A kindhearted teddy bear journeys to his owner’s elementary school in the middle of the night to retrieve his math homework.

Clements, Andrew.  Jake Drake, bully buster.  73 pages.
It is up to Jake Drake to take matters into his own hands when Link Baxter, Super Bully moves into the neighborhood.

Clifford, Eth.  Flatfoot Fox and the case of the missing schoolhouse.  47 pages.
Flatfoot Fox and his faithful friend, Secretary Bird, help Principal Porcupine solve the mystery of the missing school.  There are several Flatfoot Fox books to read.

Cole, Joanna.  Gator girls.  59 pages.  (Gator Girls series)
This is the first in the Gator Girls series and it is a fun book to read!  When Alice the Alligator learns that she will be going to camp without her best friend, Amy, the two girls try to get a whole summer’s worth of activities into just a few days.

Conford, Ellen.  Annabel the actress starring in just a little extra.  63 pages.
When she learns that a famous director is making a movie in her hometown, ten-year-old Annabel is determined to get a part.  You can also read another book about this girl actress.

Cooper, Ilene.  Lucy on the loose.  75 pages.  (Road to Reading, Mile 5)
When his beagle, Lucy, runs off chasing a big orange cat, Bobby must overcome his shyness in order to find them again.  You should also read Absolutely Lucy.

Cresswell, Helen.  Almost goodbye.  62 pages. (Speedsters)
While collecting things to sell for the school’s White Elephant Sale, two friends are given a lamp with unexpected magical qualities. 

DeClements, Barthe.  Spoiled rotten.  56 pages.  (Hyperion Chapters)
Scott helps his best friend, Andy, learn how to follow the rules in second grade so that he will not get into trouble.

Duffey, Betsy.  The Camp Knock-Knock mystery.  46 pages.  (Yearling First Choice)
If Willie would change into clean clothes while at summer camp, he might find the joke book which Crow has hidden from him.

Duffey, Betsy.  Virtual Cody.  83 pages. 
Cody and his third grade classmates are having fun reporting on the origin of their names until Cody finds out that his parents named him after a dog!  There are other fun books to read about Cody.

Duncan, Lois.  Wonder Kid meets the Evil Lunch Snatcher.  76 pages.  (Springboard)
Terrorized by an evil lunch snatcher at his new school, Brian devises, with the help of a fellow comic book fan, a plan involving a new superhero called Wonder Kid.

Edwards, Michelle.  Pa Lia’s first day. 50 pages.  (Jackson Friends)
On the first day of second grade at her new school, Pa Lia discovers that things are not as bad as she had feared.

Elliott, David.  The Cool Crazy Crickets to the rescue.  55 pages.
The members of the CCC decide to earn some money but they have differences of opinion about how they should spend it.  Read more about the CCC in another book.

Etra, Jonathan.  Aliens for breakfast.  62 pages (Stepping Stone)
Finding an intergalactic special agent in his cereal box, Richard joins the extraterrestrial in a fight to save earth from the Drones, one of whom is masquerading as a student in Richard’s class.  Also read Aliens for lunch.

Galbraith, Kathryn.  Roommates.  42 pages.
When Mama announces a new baby is on the way, requiring a separate room, two sisters become roommates.

Greer, Gery.  Let me off this spaceship.  54 pages.
When creatures from outer space kidnap Tod and Billy, they try to make as much trouble on board ship as they can so that the spaceship captain will take them back to earth.

Gregory, Valiska.  Happy Burpday, Maggie McDougal.  59 pages.  (Springboard
Having no money and seeing her best friend’s birthday approaching, Maggie creates a package of homemade and recycled items, hoping Bonkers will not be disappointed when he realizes his present is secondhand.

Griffith, Helen.  Grandaddy and Janetta together.  79 pages.  
Three stories about Janetta and her grandfather who lives on a farm are included in this warm, family story.  

Haas, Jessie.  Runaway Radish.  56 pages.
When Radish the pony grows too big for the girls who own him, he goes to live at a horse camp where there are always new children for him to train.  The author also has a wonderful series about a mare named Beware.  Horse lovers will love her books!

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