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Beast by Walter Dean Myers.

Anthony is torn between two worlds. During the school year, he attends an exclusive prep school. During vacations, he returns to his boys and his girl, Gabi, in Harlem. His neighborhood is tough, but it’s the home he loves. Now Gabi has fallen in with a bad crowd. Can Anthony save Gabi before it’s too late?


The Fight



The Fight by L. Divine

When sixteen-year-old Jayd Jackson starts taking the bus from Compton to glamorous South Bay High everyday, she thinks trouble is far behind her. But there is a whole new kind of drama at South Bay, where her former best friend is out to get her, and her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend is spoiling for a fight!


Hip Hop High School

Hip Hop High School
by Alan Lawrence Sitomer.

Hip-hop is Theresa’s whole world. And fine new boy, Devon, seems like the rider she’s been looking for. But beneath his thug exterior, Devon has plans Theresa never dared to dream about…plans involving perfect SAT scores, Ivy League schools, and a future outside the ghetto. Then Devon gets shot in a street fight, leaving Theresa to finish his college applications…and one last chance to make his dreams a reality.







Rooftop by Paul Volponi

After Clay lands in a drug treatment center, he is determined to clean up and finish high school. But his cousin Addison has no intention of giving up crack dealing. When Addison is gunned down by a white policeman, Clay is plunged into web of politics and corruption.




by Coe Booth

Before Tyrell’s drug dealer father went to prison, he taught him about two things: hip-hop and how to throw a legendary party. Living a life on the edge, in and out of homeless shelters with his mother and brother, it’s up to Tyrell to use his skills to score enough money to save his family.






Upstate by Kalisha Buckhanon

Antonio and Natasha's world is turned upside down, and their young love is put to the test, when Antonio finds himself in jail, accused of a shocking crime. Antonio fights to stay alive on the inside, while on the outside, Natasha faces choices that will change her life.






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