Booklist-Score with a Great Book: Fiction About Sports

Bat 6. Virginia Euwer Wolff. (MS)
In small town, post-World War Oregon, twenty-one 6th grade girls recount the story of an annual softball game, during which one girl's bigotry comes to the surface.

The Greatest: Muhammed Ali. Walter Dean Myers. (MS)
A candid biographical look at one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Ironman. Chris Crutcher. (HS)
Bo Brewster is determined to be a triathlete, an Ironman. But his latest angry outburst has cost him a spot on the football team and moved him very close to being expelled from school. In unsent letters to TV and radio personality Larry King, he pours out his rage, dreams and life story, while he continues to train for the triathlon.

Painting the black. Carl Deuker. (HS)
In his senior year of high school, late-bloomer Ryan Ward loves catching for star pitcher Josh Daniels. But Josh doesn't like rules and pushes the limits too far. Ryan is left with a heartbreaking dilemma; he must choose between winning baseball and his sense of integrity.

Rundown. Michael Cadnum. (HS)
In order to get attention, sixteen-year-old Jennifer claims that she has been attacked by a serial rapist while running. Jennifer finds herself getting more attention than she wanted from the police and her parents.

Safe at second. Scott Johnson. (MS)
Todd Bannister's major league ambitions are threatened when a line drive costs him sight in one eye. Will he pitch again? What will he do if he can't? A great story of courage and determination.

Slam! Walter Dean Myers. (HS)
Seventeen- year- old Slam can do it all on the basketball court. He hopes to be one of the lucky ones with a future in the big leagues. But his grades aren't so hot and he has seen other players stumble. A gritty portrayal of a Harlem teenager struggling to make it on and off the court.

Tears of a tiger. Sharon M. Draper. (HS)
High school basketball star Rob Washington dies in a fiery automobile crash. Andy, his best friend, was driving and cannot forget. Through a series of letters, articles, and dialogues, the reader follows the grief and guilt of Rob's friends and classmates.

The whistling toilets. Randy Powell. (HS)
Fifteen-year-old tennis champ Ginny is in a major slump, and it is up to her best friend Stan to help. But when he becomes the team’s coach, things get a little complicated. A colorful romantic comedy.

Whale talk. Chris Crutcher. (HS)
T.J. Jones is a talented athlete who has chosen not to compete in high school sports because he doesn't want to be ordered around by coaches and he doesn't like his school's insane focus on athletics. When T.J.'s favorite teacher convinces him to start a school swim team, T.J. gathers a band of misfits and the team starts training long and hard. All that T.J. wants is for his teamates to earn letter jackets, but some of the other students and athletic boosters are dead-set against that. A hard-hitting novel that deals with prejudice of all varieties as well as child abuse.

Winning. C.S. Adler. (MS)
Vicky is thrilled to be on the eighth-grade tennis team, until she realizes that her new playing partner Brenda is ruthless about winning and will even cheat to do so.

(MS) = Recomended for Middle School Readers
(HS) = Recomended for High School Readers

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