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The Rag and Bone ShopRag and Bone Shop by Robert Cormier

In a high profile murder investigation, ace interrogator Trent sets his sights on getting a confession from Jason, a simple minded twelve year old who just happens to be the last person to see seven year old Alicia alive, except for the killer, of course.


A Northern LightA Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly

16-year-old Mattie is faced with a dilemma. Guests at the Glenmore Inn often ask summer help to do strange things, so when Grace Brown asks her to destroy a bundle of letters, she agrees.  Grace Brown is now dead and despite her promise, Mattie has begun to read the letters.  Will the letters help solve the mystery around Grace’s death?   As Mattie learns more about Grace’s life and what caused her death, Mattie learns more about what is important to her. Set in the early 1900’s, this novel is based on a true story.   


TraitorTraitor by Andy McNab and Robert Rigby

Having a traitorous spy on the loose as a grandfather is keeping Danny Fergus from fulfilling his dream of becoming a military officer.  Danny’s out to track him down, and in doing so, gets more than he bargained for.  In the world of espionage, everything and everyone are not what they appear to be. Finding the truth takes Danny on a harrowing journey, where every step becomes a matter of life and death. 


AccelerationAcceleration by Graham McNamee

Duncan is spending the summer before his senior year deep below the ground in the Toronto subway system’s lost and found office.  Even though it happened a year ago, he still has nightmares about the girl he saw drown at the lake – the girl he didn’t save.  When he finds the journal of a disturbed man who may be plotting to kill an unsuspecting victim, Duncan sees the chance to catch the would-be serial killer and redeem himself.

The Rose QueenThe Rose Queen by M.E. Rabb

When Sam and Sophie’s father dies, the NYC sisters skip town with all his money.  With a horrible stepmother hot on their trail, the girls are forced to hide out in a small town and change their identities.  There isn’t too much to entertain two big city girls in the middle of nowhere...until a local beauty queen disappears.  Who better to solve the case than a pair of missing persons?

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