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The Hand of the DevilThe Hand of the Devil by Dean Vincent Carter

When Ashley Reeves travels to a remote island to investigate a rare insect, he has no idea he’s off to meet a bloodthirsty psychopath.



The IntrudersThe Intruders by E.E. Richardson

Joel’s nightmares begin soon after moving into a new house with his stepfamily. A boy runs through the garden, a blood soaked bedroom floor, and the eerie voices of children repeating a prayer of death. When Joel’s nightmares start to become daytime hallucinations, he starts to worry. Is he going crazy, or is something truly horrific going on in this house?


A Midnight OperaA Midnight Opera by Hans Steinbach

The undead werewolves of Paris and the church have been engaged in an ancient war for centuries. Ein, leader of the werewolves, and his brother Leroux have fought to create a society where humans and the undead live together in peace. Tired of being an activist for the undead, Ein becomes a heavy metal rock star in modern day France. He finds the love of a mortal woman who knows nothing of his true identity, however, love and fame will not protect him from those who seek his annihilation.

Peeps by Scott Westerfeld

Cal Thompson has a very interesting job; he’s a peep hunter (and we are not talking about marshmallow chicks). In the gritty underworld of NYC, Cal is charged with seeking out the parasite infected people or PEEPS. The parasitic infection turns most of its victims into cannibalistic vampires, but not Cal - it merely gives him superhuman strength and an affinity for raw meat. When Cal learns he is a carrier and every girl he kisses becomes infected and goes insane, he must track down all three of his bloodthirsty ex-girlfriends before they create more of their kind.

Nightwood by Patricia Windsor

Three girls ditch their class trip, head to a cabin in the woods and meet up with some boys. Soon, an ominous presence emerges from the woods and people start to disappear.



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