Booklist-Welcome to the 21st Century

Feed. M.T. Anderson. (HS)
In a world where everyone is connected to a great consumerist machine through feeds that give them up-to-the-second info on the latest products, love can be tough. On a trip to the moon, Titus meets Violet, a strange girl with a faulty "feed".

1984. George Orwell. (HS)
Okay, welcome to last century. In this classic futuristic society, Big Brother is watching!

Among the hidden. Margaret Peterson Haddix. (MS)
Imagine that all families can only have two children -- and you're the third. Luke is a third child who has grown tired of hiding. He starts looking for other kids in hiding and thinking of ways to change his life. The story continues in Among the imposters and Among the betrayed.

The baby and fly pie. Melvin Burgess. (HS)
When a kidnapper dies, Fly Pie and his older sister, Jane, team up with Sham, another orphan, to take care of the baby. The three impoverished kids hatch a scheme to get rich quick with the baby, but can anything go right in this nasty world?

Brave New World. Aldous Huxley. (HS)
Visit a world where babies are born in labs, where everyone ingests daily doses of prescription drugs to fight the blues, and where technology is promoted to the detriment of humanity. Or maybe you already live there?

Clockwork orange. Anthony Burgess. (HS)
In this infamous futuristic novel, Burgess weaves a violent fable that touches on what it means to be human. Be ready to learn a new language!

The copper elephant. Adam Rapp. (HS)
Whensday has managed to avoid being sent underground as a slave. But how long can she survive in a world where she is hunted daily and where burning rain constantly falls from the sky?

The exchange student. Kate Gilmore. (MS)
Daria is a budding animal breeder in 2094 where many animals are threatened with extinction. Daria's mom has signed their family up to host an interplanetary exchange student who seems to have an ulterior motive for being on Earth.

Gathering blue. Lois Lowry. (MS)
Kira's life within the community is in danger after her mother dies. Only her skills as a weaver can save her, if she is willing to use them.

The giver. Lois Lowry. (MS)
Jonas seems to live in an ideal world. But can things really be so great? Who's paying the price for all of this happiness?

Tomorrowland: Ten Stories about the Future.
Michael Cart, ed. (MS)
Ten stories on a wide range of topics all based in the future. Writers include Jon Scieszka, Lois Lowry, Katherine Paterson, and Ron Koertge.

(MS) = Recomended for Middle School Readers
(HS) = Recomended for High School Readers

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